Write 5 pages thesis on the topic relationship between parents and children in a poverty situation.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic relationship between parents and children in a poverty situation. The paper will focus on how parents go to extreme situations to raise their children using examples from the novel, “Claire of the Sea Light.”

Claire of the Sea Light” is a novel with a setting in the fishing village of Ville Rose. The story is about as seven years old girl named after the mother who passed away at her childbirth. Claire lived with her father who is a poor fisherman in the village. The fisherman is worried about the future of his daughter since he cannot provide for her to have a better life and a bright future. This makes him talk to a local shopkeeper who had lost his daughter in a fatal road accident to stay with Claire. When the woman finally agrees to stay with Claire on her seventh birthday, she disappears from home, making the village come out in her search (Danticat 7-17).

“Claire of the Sea Light” portrays how the different families struggle to relate to their children and take extreme measures to make such a decision. Both parents and children experience joy and fear, trust and wariness as they try to establish their relationship and love. For example, Nozia, Claire’s father is a poor fisherman who has the burden of looking after his little daughter. “Ville Rose was home to about eleven thousand people, five percent wealthy, the rest poor,” (Danticat 19). Nozia has nothing to give his daughter and this worry him. Because he is concerned and wants his daughter to have a bright future, the resorts to talking to a wealthy shopkeeper, Madame Gaelle to take care of the daughter (Dianemagras 11). This was done with the aim of giving the daughter a bright future since the woman was able to provide all the child needed.

Similarly, the care that the father had for his daughter is shown when the daughter disappeared. On the day when she was to mark and celebrate her seventh birthday, she disappears, and this worries the father.


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