Write a 5 pages paper on what it means to be an american: a discussion of social/political equality and the democracy.

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Write a 5 pages paper on what it means to be an american: a discussion of social/political equality and the democracy. In terms of answering the question of whether or not we currently experience social equality within the United States, it is clear and apparent that we do not. Moreover, in terms of whether or not the United States government is in fact the true democracy, the answer to this question is well must be provided the caveat that in certain elements the United States is most necessarily not a true democracy. Yet, even though this particular point of view might necessarily be one which is unwelcome or one that stirs the emotions of others within society will be for democracy and exhibit social equality, the goal of this particular analysis will be to provide concrete understandings for why such a belief is in fact true.

In something of a Marxist point of view, Smith’s article provides the understanding that American society is essentially non-representative of social inequality. due in part to the fact that hierarchical groups exhibit different levels of power as compared to others. Exemplification of this can, of course, be seen with respect to economics and the way in which powerful individuals or wealthy individuals can have the impact of swaying elections one way or another. An additional understanding can, of course, be had with regard to the way in which the needs and interests of the lower class are oftentimes heralded and trumpeted during campaign season. however, when it comes time to enact legislation were actively anticipate and solutions to the problems that were discussed during the campaign season, very little forward had way is derived. Lastly, the hierarchy exists within society and the overall level of social equality that is exhibited throughout the United States cannot be fully understood without briefly discussing the issue of race. Essentially, Smith relates the fact that up until just a few decades ago, the United States has deeply segregated scars and wounds of this continue to be represented with respect to the way in which social equality is represented throughout the system.

In terms of the overall relationship that this has two Eric Liu’s article, entitled “Sworn Again Americans” the author discusses in-depth the difficulty of establishing cultural meaning in terms of governance.&nbsp. This difficulty is represented specifically with respect to the fact that the United States has always and perennially been a nation that is founded upon immigration. As a direct result of this, disparate groups of individuals from various geographic locations, cultures, religions, and ethnic backgrounds necessarily comprise the social space. As such, this relates to the norming process and the means by which identity and “Americanism” is defined.


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