Write about the IT challenges faced by Costco Wholesale and also provide solutions to these challenges. Write at least 4 IT Challenges and solutions to these challenges. Put the references and cita

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Write about the IT challenges faced by Costco Wholesale and also provide solutions to these challenges.

Write at least 4 IT Challenges and  solutions to these challenges.

Put the references and citations.

Also  make the presentation (PPT) slides  – 2 slides one for challenges and one for solution

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Write about the IT challenges faced by Costco Wholesale and also provide solutions to these challenges. Write at least 4 IT Challenges and solutions to these challenges. Put the references and cita
RUNNING HEAD: FINAL REPORT BUSI 2173-22W-C-BC_8B IT for Managers The Techniques and Systems that were implemented as part of solving the IT challenge: Costco employs information systems to carry out its strategy and meet its goals. Information for planning is intended to increase the company’s value, either directly or indirectly. As a result, improving efficiency, earnings, and social duties has been a top priority. The organisation, on the other hand, has invested in its people resources, business processes, mindset, and IT infrastructures to guarantee that the value of data governance is understood. Costco has a number of data storage systems, including database, centralized data, and/or data mart. Database tools such as Microsoft Access, Sql Databases, and Server can be used to store the business data. These digital storage techniques and processes ensure that information is retained as full units. End users can quickly run queries and adjust variables and subsets in order to enter new data. Due to their simplicity of use processing of data, matrix tools like Microsoft Office are most often used to keep records. They also provide straightforward data views. Data contained in excel spreadsheets, on the other hand, may lack precise terms, be tough to handle, and be prone to errors. Cloud hosting is another alternate digital storage method for the firm. Cloud hosting is a hosting option that differs dramatically from traditional file storage methods. Conventional file storage technologies are being phased out, yet they offered a compact, direct manner of storage and retrieval. Cloud storage provides connectivity and forced up flexibility. Furthermore, once hooked up to The internet, users can save and access their data from any point on the planet. The three data storage systems were chosen for their ubiquity, usefulness, versatility, and affordability. Database programmes are the most popular type of data storage. Charts and graphs are also widely obtainable, but due to their restricted functionality, they are not widely used. How the IT solution will be implemented by the organization: The engaged team should first obtain organisational consent and understanding before executing the IT solution. The group will identify the key stakeholders who must endorse the concept and perhaps include them in some choice procedures. The team should decide on a final commencement of the project and provide their approval to the plan. The team should consider the firm’s issues during operational processes. Following the identification of the difficulties, the project coordinator will devise a solution and conduct an income and expenditure analysis of the solution. The lack of convenience in internet purchases is Costco’s main issue throughout company’s activities. Costco has been apprehensive about introducing internet shopping. Due to the inconvenient nature of internet shopping, the company’s revenue has decreased. Many people prefer to purchase online and wind up shopping at other websites that offer internet purchases. Costco needs to develop a software strategy that will allow them to list and manage products across several channels while also improving their online shopping operations. The organisation must determine which teams and processes will be affected by the application and develop a consistent regime. At this point, the organisation should look for everything that might be impacted by the new deployment. Before constructing the new system, the developer should create a list of the firm’s business requirements, check their permissions, respond from clients, enquire for a testing period and specify the conditions of performance. After the software is built, a solution design is created, which is essentially a blueprint of the firm’s procedures and requirements. The organisation will adapt the latest software to their business requirements throughout this process to ensure that all of this is running smoothly (Erazo, Arboleda & Pino, 2017). The primary goal of system design is to determine which elements of the updated software can be used in their current state and which aspects will need to be modified to meet the needs of Costco. The application is deployed after the solution is designed, and functions that can be used right away are setup. To fit specific corporate environments, methods, and needs, the programme will be customised. Only the processes that are necessary for the company should be changed. The collected information out from old database should be transferred to the new database. The organisation will still save time and effort by not having to constantly move information between devices thanks to suitable interfaces. Following data migration, the organization should define what data is relevant to customers in order to enhance their everyday choice process. Currently, most software includes data displays that allow a firm to see how its business is performing. The penultimate step is to test and coaching. Education may be achieved in several ways and to various employees. Even if employees had already used the same technology at other organizations, the employer should organise and give instruction in a structured manner (Alexander, 2020). The testing procedure, which comprises development team, interaction, and end-user testing, should be handled by the company. The four steps of testing process will be carried out at different stages of software deployment to guarantee that everything runs well. Supervised learning should be ongoing procedures for the firm throughout the software change initiative. Conclusion: To conclude, Information management is very helpful for Costco to execute their strategies and attain business objectives. It can add value to the company. Some areas of the company have developed such as business process, human resources, culture, IT infrastructure with the help of information management. They used some data storage methods such as database, data warehouse, data mart, etc. they also used spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. They can also use cloud storage to store their data as it offers flexibility. Data base programs are most common use method. Users must solve all the issues with cloud storage before using it. Reference BUTLER, R. E. N. E. E. A. N. N. (2021, July 1). 4 Problems With Costco’s Business Model (COST). Investopedia. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/markets/011216/4-problems-costcos-business-model-cost.asp Alexander, T. (2020). Software Asset Management Improvement and Implementation. iBuss Management, 8(2). Erazo, J., Arboleda, H., & Pino, F. J. (2017, September). Analysis of the software implementation process for ERP Systems. In Colombian Conference on Computing (pp. 297-312). Springer, Cham.


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