Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on spanish culture paper. Spanish Culture Paper Spain is one of the most prominent of the Spanish cultures. With its very own distinctive image it make

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on spanish culture paper. Spanish Culture Paper Spain is one of the most prominent of the Spanish cultures. With its very own distinctive image it makes one wantto visit the country and explore all that the country and the people have to offer. It has a wide range of attractions to offer to tourists who go to visit the country in their thousands. The Spanish culture is alive and vibrant in the people of Spain and it is evident in their lifestyle as well as their culture.

Spain has one of the most vivid architectures to offer to someone who is interested. The Guggenheim Museum is an example of the groundbreaking in modern architectures which is housed in Spain. The museum is a complex meld of sinuous stone, glass and titanium offering a sight to behold as it sits on the slopes of Mount Artxanda. The Barcelona cathedral is another architectural piece from history that is well maintained and awes a person as they behold the 93 meter long cathedral. One can even find an Islamic touch to the buildings in Spain as in case with the Alhambra in Granada. The fortress sits nestled at the foothills of mountains and the architecture inside proves the mastery of the Muslims in this field.

A popular attraction found in the streets and pavilions of Spain are the regions famed dances known as the sardana, flamenco,&nbsp.sevillanas, and&nbsp.muñeira. Sardana is usually a dance performed in a group where as flamenco and sevillanas are couple dances done in large numbers (Spanish Expat). Dancers wear bright and flashy clothes in order to attract crowds and as part of a tradition. These dances are now performed in theatres and many tourists come to see the performances.

Spain is also considered to be one of the main fashion hubs of the world with shows held in Milan to showcase the creations made by designers from around the globe. Thus the shopping is varied as a result of all the cross cultural mix of clothing in the country attracting shoppers.

The cuisine of Spain is also highly famed. The tapas are one of the most heard of dishes and also borrowed by foreign cultures. Meat is a main component of the dishes made in Spain and the locals prefer to drink wine and coffee more than anything else. Seafood is consumed in large quantities and more of the staple vegetable such as tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms are used (Indigo Guide).

Bull fighting has been a tradition of Spain since 711 A.D. (Spain Info). This tradition provides people with a form of entertainment that is not found else where in the world and is sure to keep on edge those who haven’t seen it before. Another aspect of Spanish culture is the Bull Run that takes place each year in the streets of Spain. For those who are daring, this is a challenge as people play on their lives to indulge in a show of brevity. However this sport is not for all as there can be fatalities as in the case of a young man in 2009 (BBC Online). Another sport highly fanaticized in Spain is football with many league teams from Spain itself such as Madrid as well as Barcelona. People come from across the world just to watch highly publicized matches in Spain making the game a tourist attraction as much as a cultural component of the peoples lives. The bars and clubs are helped alongside as people prefer to watch matches in highly charged environments.

Spain has as much to offer in terms of nature as it does for entertainment purposes. It has beaches along the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay. These beaches have golden sand and clear water where many like to spend afternoons surfing on the smooth waves. Littered along the beach are small bars to cater to the crowds. The country side is a pleasant retreat for those who rather prefer privacy and some fresh air in a setting that resembles the tolling hills of Scotland or Ireland. The moors provide not only a retreat but also house ruins of great castles and forts.

Spain is certainly the preferred choice of country to visit among the Spanish nations. It has unique history which can still be seen in not only the cities but also scattered along the rest of the terrain. From castles to cathedrals and gothic structures to the flamenco dances and bull running in the streets Spain provides outsiders a glimpse into a whole new and interesting world. One is encountered with new experiences ranging from the unique display of showcasing in the Bull ring and also in the food.

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